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I know I promised a post over 2 weeks ago but I just never made it to the computer to make it. What have I been doing? Working 7 days a week since the beginning of April. I’m home during the day doing the stay-at-home dad thing, then Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights I’m down the cemetery working. Then Wednesday and Friday nights I’m working at Best Buy. Saturdays I’m back at the cemetery, and Sundays I’m back at Best Buy. Yeah, I’ve got a full plate right now. Things are going top get easier once mid-June comes around and I get caught up at the cemetery, but until then, I’m working my ass off. But you know what? Right now I wouldn’t have it any other way!

No Time For Love Dr. Jones

I have a post in my head that I wanted to write tonight but I got caught up working on my home server and time just got away from me. While I would love to sit down and write it now, it’s almost 2am and I need to wake up in about 6 hours to get the kids up and ready for school. My post will have to wait until tomorrow. ‘Night kids!

The Next Generation

My dad, as long as I can remember, always worked 2 jobs. He worked his day job as Superintendent at Hanover Green Cemetery (later Oak Lawn Cemetery) and then nights & weekends as caretaker of Ohav Zedek Cemetery. He worked both jobs up until he was no longer able to work in December 2016. As of tomorrow, April 1st, 2017, I will be starting my tenure as the new caretaker of Ohav Zedek Cemetery. Before my dad was caretaker of the cemetery, his father was the caretaker. Now that I am taking over, I will be the 3rd generation of Shafers charged with maintaining the grounds of the cemetery.

From an early age, people always asked my dad if I would be following in his footsteps just as he had followed in his. His answer was always that I would be the first quadriplegic caretaker since he would brake both of my legs before letting take over a cemetery rather than doing something else with my life. Like all parents, he wanted something more for his children. Truth be told, I always said I had no interest in taking over any of his cemeteries. But, things started to change about 3 years ago.

I was going through a very rough time in the summer of 2014 while working at Verizon Wireless. I hated my job, and it was causing a lot of harm to my mental health. To combat the stress and anxiety, I started going for a walk every morning before work. I would inevitably find myself walking through the cemeteries thinking about the times I would givemy dad a hand when he needed it. I really missed those times.

Then came last year when I worked with him, and sometimes without him, taking care of Ohav Zedek Cemetery. At the beginning of the season he was in the midst of radiation treatments and he knew chemotherapy was right around the corner. After much pestering, I finally convinced him to let me help him so he wouldn’t be worried about the upkeep and he could focus on his health. He finally agreed and the Shafer boys were working side by side just like we had when I was a young teenager. I didn’t realize how much I missed the work until I started.

Not to sound melodramatic but cemetery work is in my blood. The Shafer family were the stewards of Hanover Green Cemetery for over 100 years and caretakers of Ohav Zedek Cemetery for over 50. I myself, chose a path in retail sales. Now the problem with retail sales is at the end of the day, all of your accomplishments are on paper. Sure, you can look at a display that you made or freight you’ve put away, but in the end, your goal is to make money and that only shows up on paper. When your taking care of grounds, you see the immediate results of your labor. Graves are filled in and seeded, stones have been righted and leveled, fresh concrete has been poured into foundations you’ve dug, and the grass is cut and looking pristine. You go home with your hands dirty, smelling of grass and gasoline — the signs of an honest day’s work. In my old age, seeing immediate and tangible results of your day’s labor is very satisfying. It’s because of those reasons, along with carrying on the Shafer legacy and the extra money (why we all work!) that I decided to put my name in the proverbial hat to take over the cemetery after my father died.

I had a meeting yesterday morning with the Chairman and Administrator of the Congregation Ohav Zedek about taking over the cemetery. The meeting last about an hour, and I was officially offered the job. Needless to say, I accepted the job.

Does this mean I will be leaving my job at Best Buy? No. Even though being caretaker is a year round job, like my father, I will simply be working 2 jobs. Although technically I will now have 3 jobs — Best Buy, Ohav Zedek cemetery, and the best job of all, being a stay at home dad. Here’s to working my ass off a little more each day to give my family the better life they deserve!

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Things have been crazy lately. It seems like I barely have any free time at all. Jess is starting her music festival season which means she’s going to be gone more and more, Cub Scouts is starting to wind down which means we’re in a mad dash to get every thing completed, and just life in general in between. Hell, we had a blizzard 2 weeks ago and I never even got to make a post about it! And the way things are looking, it’s just going to get crazier before it ever calms down. I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination, but this is just how it is.

I know this isn’t a ‘real’ post by any stretch of the imagination, but I needed to just put something down since it’s been so long. And with that, I’m off to make Addy lunch. Later…


After I got home from work tonight…er…last night…um…when I got home from work 3 hours ago everyone was asleep. So I decided to take this opportunity to watch some TV and work on my little PiServer. I haven’t worked on it in quite a while because I was getting frustrated by not being able to make it do what I wanted it to do. I know I have the right software installed, but my mind just wasn’t working in the right way to get it done and that was frustrating me. Then, while in the shower getting ready for work a random idea came into my head about how to approach my problem. Five hours later, I finally got one of these things working!

So what has been vexing me? It’s setting up an FTP sever that can be accessed internally and externally. Accessing it internally was never an issue, but getting access to it externally was the issue. I thought I was going in the right direction when I was setting it all up, but obviously I wasn’t. Well, at least not totally right. When I had my breakthrough moment in the shower, I realized that port forwarding wasn’t the solution and dedicating a domain to the FTP server was indeed to right option. (trust me, this makes total sense if you look at my setup) So when I got home, I implemented the changes and in 25 minutes I had a totally functional FTP server that I can access outside of my intranet. How do I know I can access it outside of my intranet you ask? Simple. I logged into the server on my iPhone via LTE.

Now, one of my last issues still has me shaking my head. The whole point of this server is for web development, and for that I need multiple instances of WordPress installed. I can install and configure WordPress without issues, but WordPress cannot update itself or download plugins and themes from inside of the software. When I input my FTP info to get those files (something I have NEVER had to do with my site on my actual webserver — weird) every installation/update fails. I have no clue why. I thought it had to do with the fact that my FTP server could not be accessed outside of my intranet, but now that I solved that issue, I still cannot connect. But, that’s going to have to wait until another day. It’s late, and I need to get to bed. Only one problem shall be solved tonight, but it was a problem that I’m glad was solved!

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