TrevBorn as Trevor Shafer, Twev1701 has been lurking online since 1994.

This adventure began back in 2002 with the acquisition of the Twev1701.com domain. Since that time, he has used his honed web skills to turn a blank website into a repository of useless whining and half-naked women.

So what’s up with the Twev1701.net if he bought Twev1701.com? Tragedy struck in 2004 when Twev1701.com went offline. After a major glitch with his then web host, Twev1701.com fell into the clutches of the most vile cyber-villians — Cyber-Squatters. Not willing to pay their ransom, Twev1701.com was resurrected one month later under the new domain of Twev1701.net. Although the outage was bitter, victory would be his when in August 2005, he re-acquired Twev1701.com from the evil clutches of said Cyber-Squatters.

When not posting mindless ramblings or smut on the internet, Trev can be found hosting podcasts on The Growing Up Geek Network, working on one of any number of projects to make his mark on the internet, or spending time with his wife Jess, son Jackson, and daughter Adelaide.

The proud owner of 3 cats and 2 dogs, he is an avid animal lover who tends to collect animals like most women collect shoes.

Trevor can also be remembered for his stellar work on The Import Project, Static-Fusion, i/o Comics, and i/o Computers.


  1. Sue Dryer

    I just saw your photos of Bayard Wilkeson’s items from May 2008. He’s an ancestor of mine and I wondered where those photos were taken. I’d like to see them for myself. Thanks.

  2. Beth Wagner

    I am also a descendent of the Sam Wilkeson family (father of Bayard Wilkeson). I would be interested in contacting or being contacted by Sue Dryer.

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