After I got home from work tonight…er…last night…um…when I got home from work 3 hours ago everyone was asleep. So I decided to take this opportunity to watch some TV and work on my little PiServer. I haven’t worked on it in quite a while because I was getting frustrated by not being able to make it do what I wanted it to do. I know I have the right software installed, but my mind just wasn’t working in the right way to get it done and that was frustrating me. Then, while in the shower getting ready for work a random idea came into my head about how to approach my problem. Five hours later, I finally got one of these things working!

So what has been vexing me? It’s setting up an FTP sever that can be accessed internally and externally. Accessing it internally was never an issue, but getting access to it externally was the issue. I thought I was going in the right direction when I was setting it all up, but obviously I wasn’t. Well, at least not totally right. When I had my breakthrough moment in the shower, I realized that port forwarding wasn’t the solution and dedicating a domain to the FTP server was indeed to right option. (trust me, this makes total sense if you look at my setup) So when I got home, I implemented the changes and in 25 minutes I had a totally functional FTP server that I can access outside of my intranet. How do I know I can access it outside of my intranet you ask? Simple. I logged into the server on my iPhone via LTE.

Now, one of my last issues still has me shaking my head. The whole point of this server is for web development, and for that I need multiple instances of WordPress installed. I can install and configure WordPress without issues, but WordPress cannot update itself or download plugins and themes from inside of the software. When I input my FTP info to get those files (something I have NEVER had to do with my site on my actual webserver — weird) every installation/update fails. I have no clue why. I thought it had to do with the fact that my FTP server could not be accessed outside of my intranet, but now that I solved that issue, I still cannot connect. But, that’s going to have to wait until another day. It’s late, and I need to get to bed. Only one problem shall be solved tonight, but it was a problem that I’m glad was solved!

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