Been Away, Gone Away

I am now in week two of my out of town training. That means I find myself once again staying in a hotel room by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my own room instead of sharing a room, but it does make me homesick when I don’t get to see my wife and son everyday. I’ve been spoiled being a stay at home dad for the past 19 months.

To get here from home is somewhat a pain in the ass. I’m outside of Philadelphia so that should give you a clue right there. Once in town, the commute from my hotel to my training and back again is quite easy. The worst part is crossing 3 lanes of traffic to make a left hand turn into my hotel parking lot. I’ve found a solution to this by going up to the next light and making a U turn.

I’ll be here until Thursday this week. Since next Monday is Memorial Day, I get to stay home! After that, I’m back into the hotel for another 3 days. After that my training is over and I’ll be going to my store everyday from there on out.

Well, I’d better start getting ready to go to my training class. See ya on the flip side!

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