12 Years Ago

12 years ago today I made a post to this this site, then named Twev1701.com. The site was still using its original layout, which was designed and coded in Microsoft FrontPage. The CMS I was using, which you could barely call a CMS, was NewsPro.

So was this the first post I ever made? No. However, this is the earliest post I have been able to salvage from back then. NewPro never kept any kind of database for all of its posts; it kept said posts inside of txt files. Whenever I switched servers or needed to re-install NewsPro, I would never save these files (why would I back then?) and I lost all of my previous entries. The same thing would happen when I eventually moved on to Coranto. It was only when I started using WordPress that I had an automatic archive of my posts via MYSQL. Back then I never thought ahead enough to save this posts for prosperity. Today I would consider such an act a sin. Irregardless, I was able to save a few posts from some old files and The Internet Archive. I really wish I was able to find my very first post. I have no memory of when it was or what it was about. It was probably about me buying the domain but sadly we’ll never know.

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