Starting To Feel Better

Well, I ended up spenind most of the day in front of the computer coding some more stuff for the site. I’m sure you notice a little bit of a difference in the look of the site. It’s been a while really coded anything for the site and it felt really good to do so. That, and I felt so horrible anything more then sitting at my desk was not an option.

I started to feel a little more human around 2:30pm, so much so that I took a shower and quickly ran a few things down to my parent’s house. A few minutes after I got home, Jess came home and we had dinner. Much to my surprise, I actually had an appetite. We had dinenr and watched “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. Not that bad of a flick. All I have to say is that Marvin and the ship’s computer were my favorite characters. After that my body still ached and my head still pounded, but I just couldn’t stand laying around anymore. So, I went into the basement, cleaned off my workbench, and put my new power washer together.

Right now I’m ripping a few DVDs to store on the network so that I can play them on any machine when I am coding or gaming. You know, the few choice movie that you like enough that you can just listen to ratehr than watch. Since quality is not as much of an issue was size, I’m ripping them directly into ISO format with 62% compression so that I can just mount them with Alcohol 120%. I have a program that will rip a DVD right to DivX, but I really have to sit down and tweak it one day. Right now to rip an 18 minute cartoon episode, it takes about 2 hours and the file size is still 2 gb. With the method I am using now, I can get a whole moive to about 1.5 gb. For now, that will do.

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