The Trunk of My Car

I claened out he trucnk of my car today. You would not believe some of the weird ass shit I found in there. Old mail from about 2 years ago, old burned CDs, 2 empty bottles of windshield washer fluid, an actual film camera (don’t even remember the last time I used it!), some promo stuff from when JP worked at fye, a body pillow, a bandable Ozzy Osbourne figure, and a stainless steel mailbox. I did find an envelope, and when I opened it, I got a surprise. I have a friend who works for the union that takes care of all the local shows. If a band comes to town that we like, he usually gives me and JP his old working pass from that show. This is what I found in the envelope.

Click For Larger Image

I was actually at that show!! And this was about 3 months before I even met my friend. Sweet…

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