Tired As Fuck

Well, I think this new venture may kill me before it even really begins. I’ve been putting in 8-9 hours at work all week, and then coming home and putting in another 6-8 hours in on this project. I have about enough time to get 4-3 hours of sleep and then I repeat the cycle again. I’m really looking forward to having about 9 hours of sleep tonight, and I’m going to take tomorrow night off from the project and work on things like dishes and laundry. I have no silverware left and am left to about 5 shirt, 6 socks, and 2 pairs of underwear. Yes, I have no clean pants….for work anyway.

On a happier note…I have to go to PetSmart tomorrow after work for some fish food, and if they have any cool fish in stock, I think I may get a few new fish now that my tank has really cleaned up. Who would have ever thought more plants whould have cured my algae problem??

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