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Today was my day off and I spent a few hours of it playing EverQuest for the first time in a little less than a year. When I was playing last winter, they had just started to introduce some game engine refinements that was making everything look a bit more up to date. graphics wise. Let me tell you something, the game now looks amazing. When i re-activated my account I noticed that I first started playing March 1st, 2001. So, it’ll be 4 years in March that I have been playing (on and off). The game on my dial-up has never run better! No lag, no dropped connections, and very little load time. The weather and environmental effects are supurb, as are some of the new models. I like it!!

In my travels of Norrath today, I did a little bone chip hunting with my Necromancer in the East Commonlands, killed off my sad Ranger, and created a new Ogre Shadow Knight named Gimlord. Here’s a pic of my new Shadow Knight.

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Keep in mind I haven’t played him long and he’s only a level 3 character. I really wanted to get him to at least level 6 tonight but I’m just too damn tired. Tomorrow is always anther day.

Speaking of tomorrow….it’s going to be interesting. I have the day off again (thank Christ!) , but since my extended family from Florida is coming in on Christmas Eve to spend it with us, we’re (immediate family) going to have our Christmas tomorrow…er..tonight…er…Thursday night (12/23) instead of Christmas Eve so we can keep it private. It’s not that we don;t like the family, it’s just that we would feel weird opening all of our presents to each other in front of them. Weird?? Yeah, I know.

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