Cleaning Like Mad!!

Ok, I’m not a neat freak. This I totally admit without excuse. I live alone, and I tend to keep my house “comfortable”. So, Jess is coming up tonight and staying over for the first time. So, that means I need to clean up a bit. A BIT?? What I thought was a little “clutter” is turning out to be a job I’m really tempted to call out the National Guard for. First off, I keep finding socks everywhere. And I mean everywhere!! I made a comment last week at work that I need new socks since I always seem to be running out of them after a few days. Now I know why. They have been migrating to secret staging points around the house for a sock coup!! Well, the coup has been overted; America is safe.

Although I do pose this question….

Why does it only take 18 minutes for the washer to fully wash the clothes and the dryer 70 minutes to dry them??

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