Even More Retro Goodness

While I was in my tree stand on the first day of deer season, I was thinking about some of my old computers. While thinking about them, I got to thinking about some of the old programs I used to use and how I missed them. Somehow I got to thinking about the old After Dark screensaver program. I used to have it on my old i486 system running Windows 3.1. I also still have it on the Macintosh Classic II system I bought off of eBay many years ago. They stopped producing After Dark back on 2003 so I was curious if anyone did ports of the old screensavers. Flash forward 1 week and I finally got a chance to sit down at the computer and do said research. What I found out was that there is no port of the original After Dark software, but there are reproductions of some of the modules. (Although thru my research, I did find this REALLY cool reproduction of After Dark made for the web in CSS) I downloaded a few of the modules and some were pretty good reproductions, and some just out right sucked. The one reproduction I was hoping to find works 100% like the original — Starry Night!

This was always my favorite After Dark screensaver and the one I always had running on my Macintosh Classic II. There is something very satisfying about seeing your favorite retro screensaver running on the latest Apple hardware.

In other retro news, yesterday was Jess’s birthday and after dinner she wanted to go to Barnes & Noble to pick up a new book she has been waiting to come out. It was snowing and icing out, so she just ran into the store herself while me and the kids waited in the car. I asked her to stop over to the magazine section and see what issues of Retro Gamer they had. She texted me a picture of 3 issues they had and I told her to pick me up one that looked completely awesome. Which issue did I have her get me?

I only got to read about 4 pages of it last night but it is a fantastic read. I can’t wait to delve in and devour all of it!

Deer Season 2016

Deer season for me has come and gone. On the first day of the season last Monday I saw a whopping 15 doe and a nice 6 point buck I couldn’t get a clear shot at. I use the term ‘whopping’ sarcastically since last year I saw 30+ doe before lunch on the first day. I wasn’t able to go again until Saturday, which was also the first day you could shoot a doe. My dad was not able to make it this year because he wasn’t feeling well so it was just me going down. As luck would have it, not only was I sick as a dog on Friday but I also had the unfortunate pleasure of not getting home from work until almost midnight. After getting only about 3 hours of sleep, I headed back out into the woods determined to get some meat for the freezer.

At about 7:15am, 3 doe crossed the wall directly behind my stand. The first doe was so small that I didn’t even reach for my gun. The second doe was a pretty decent size which made me reach for my gun. The third doe was a damn fine size and I knew she was the one I would be taking. I raised the gun up to my shoulder, found the large doe in my scope, and squeezed off a shot. I hit her right where I wanted to and she went on a dead run. Unfortunately, that dead run took her over the wall onto the neighbor’s property before she fell. This meant that I would have to drag her back over the wall before field dressing her. I was annoyed, but whatever — she was down and she was mine. After I shot, the little one ran under my stand and the medium doe just stood there for a bit and started to slowly walk down the hill to the left of me. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to shoot her as well since I had enough tags to take 2 doe and a buck. I brought my gun back up, found her in my scope, and squeezed off a second shot. I hit her right where I wanted to and she fell a few yards down the hill from where I hit her. In the space of 20 seconds, I had shot and killed 2 very nice doe. I then climbed down from my stand to take care of my game. 45 minutes later I had field dressed both deer, and was back in my stand waiting to see if I could get a buck to add to my harvest. As it would turn out, those would be the only deer I would see all day. I’m glad I did not second guess myself and let that second doe go or it would be a decision I would still be regretting. Here are the doe I got on Saturday.

I was planning on going back out today to hunt for a buck but my sickness got even worse after I got home Saturday. It got so bad in fact that I left work early on Sunday morning and came to and slept for almost 9 hours straight. Even waking up this morning, I would not have been in any shape physically or mentally to be out there. My season is over and I have 2 very nice doe to show for it, something I am quite happy with that since it’s more then most hunters get to say.


For the first time in a long time I have been sick. Everyone in the house has been passing around a cold for the past few weeks and I have for the most part been unscathed by it. Last week though, I started to get said cold right about the time my wife started getting something much worse. By the time the weekend arrived, she was so bad that instead of going down our farm on Saturday morning after work like I planned I came home and too Addy shopping with me all day so she could rest. But unbeknownst to me, I would be the one needing help in less than 24 hours.

I woke up for work at about 2am on Sunday morning (3am shifts suck!!) and was feeling fine. I stopped by McDonald’s on the way in to get some breakfast since Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t open until 5am. I ate my breakfast, got to work, and felt fine for about the first 15 minutes. Then it hit me — I was cold. I never get cold at work. If anything, it’s always a count down to see how quickly i can sweat thru my undershirt when I get there. But there I was — cold. Not only that, but I was feeling dead tired like I hadn’t slept all night and my stomach was starting to tear itself apart. Somehow, I just put my head down and managed to plow my way thru the next 7 hours of my shift and I made a straight b-line for home and my bed. I cam home, took off my work clothes, and jumped right into bed. This was around 10:30am. Jess and the kids finally woke me up around 5pm or so to wake up and eat some dinner. I woke up, had a few bites for dinner and immediately regretted that decision. Within minutes my stomach was back to tearing itself apart again. To hget my mind off of it, Jess and I watched ‘Captain America: Civil War’ after the kids went to bed. After the movie, we both went to bed and I was out like a light. I woke up and got out of bed a little before 8am this morning to get the kids of to school. Jess was kind enough to take the day off from work since she knew I would probably be just as bad today. I offered to walk Jack to school since I was up first and she could stay here with Addy. I was back from walking Jack to school at about 8:50am and was fully asleep on the couch by 9am. There I would sleep until noon when Jess would wake me up telling me she still didn’t feel good and that she needed to rest. Long story short, this is how the day went — in and out of sleep. I ate very little, but ironically more then I did yesterday. In fact, right now I feel pretty decent. I had a sandwich about 2 1/2 hours ago and it hasn’t started to rip up my stomach yet which is a very good thing. I also took the night off from work since I was in no shape to go in. Granted, I’m sure I could have made it in and muttered thru my shift, but today was the only day I go to have Jess here to help me. I didn’t want to waste that opportunity by not taking the rest when I could. But, if everything keeps going in the directions its currently pointed in, I should be in better shape tomorrow which is good since I hate being so sick I can’t get out of bed or get off of the couch.

Little Changes

In trying to get this layout as close as possible to my old blue-site design, I’ve had to make some compromises — the biggest being the color of hyperlinks. If I used a standard hyperlink format decoration (underline) all of the items in the menu to the left would be underlined, as would be the post’s title, categories, and main menu items. This was unacceptable. I could change their color, but anything but a slight off-white would lose the feeling and color scheme of the original site I was trying to reproduce. However, this was the best worst solution I could come up with and that’s how it launched.

Until about 10 minutes ago.

Sitting here after making my previous post and jamming out to Metallica’s new album, I got a crazy idea — drop shadows. One of the foundations of this design is drop shadows — they’re everywhere! So I went into the CSS code, found where the hyperlink styles were, and added a nice drop shadow to all of the links on the site. Not only do they look good and now standout, but the menu items, post titles, and main menu are even more in line with the original site’s look and feel. Kudos to me!

It’s Almost That Time Of Year Again

One week this coming Monday is the first day of rifle deer season here in Pennsylvania. As always, I will be sitting in my stand as the sun starts creeping above the horizon on the hunt for the ever elusive whitetail deer. In fact, I’m going down to our hunting property tomorrow after work to make sure my stand is 100% and to look for some last minute buck signs. As a strange happenstance, I was going thru the site tonight fixing a bunch of broken image links in old posts and while locating the correct files and re-uploading them, I found a picture I took of myself back in 2014. I was in my stand hunting and it had started to snow. It was a nice light snow that gave the woods that magical glow and made you feel lucky to be there and a part of it all. I took out my binoculars and just started scanning the woods, checking out the occasional birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. While doing this, I decided to take a picture of myself in the stand. Almost all of the pictures I have from hunting are of the deer I have shot and me with said deer. This is one of the very few I have ever taken of just myself in my stand. To me, this single picture sums up what hunting means to me. Sure, the ultimate goal is to get some game to take home and eat, but being in the woods and fading into the background is what it’s really all about. Seeing this picture with just me, my field glasses (binoculars), and the freshly fallen snow on my shoulders and hat, puts a smile on my face because it’s in these moments that I am truly at peace with the world. Just me, nature, and my thoughts. It’s really doesn’t get much simpler then that.

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